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     Master Counselor in Addictions (MCA):  Open application for addiction professionals with a related license or certification.

Current addiction professional certification or license

Masters Degree
in the healing arts and/or sciences
or closely related subject

3 years
experience in addictions counseling and/or as a clinical supervisor;
"addictions" may be related to
alcohol and other drugs (AOD) or substance use disorders (SUD);
teaching courses within an AOD program may substitute for up to
2 years of experience
  PCS Exam
Pass the 70-question, multiple-choice
Private-practice / Clinical Supervisor
(PCS) Exam
Here is a brief video that describes
how the PCS Exam was developed:

PCS Exam
Private-practice / Clinical Supervisor
The PCS Exam was developed,
reviewed and validated by nationally-recognized subject matter and psychometric experts to test for
the necessary skills and knowledge
of an addiction professional in private
practice and / or working as a clinical supervisor
The PCS Exam is based upon the material contained within the following nationally-distributed textbooks:

The Clinical Supervisor:
Training Manual for Clinical
Supervisor Competency in the
Addiction Treatment Setting,

Competencies for Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Supervisors, Technical Assistance Publication
Series 21-A (TAP 21-A), and

The MAT Counselor: Handbook
for Certification of Counselors working
in a Medication-Assisted
Treatment Setting

If it is not in these books,
it will not be on the exam.

  Need the books?  
  Many employers and addiction professionals already have copies of The Clinical Supervisor, TAP 21-A, and The MAT Counselor, and program managers are able to get free copies of these publications. For ordering information, select the links below:  
  The Clinical Supervisor  
  TAP 21-A  
  The MAT Counselor  


Low cost, daily testing
Exam is only $150.
No Application Fee.
No membership dues.
FREE on-line tutorial.
Daily testing at over 500 centers
located in the US and Canada.
On-line tutorial
Select picture to access tutorial
    PCS Tutorial - Part 1
Includes introduction; tips for using the Tutorial and taking the exam; review of TAP 21-A; review of The Clinical Supervisor Chapters 1.1 through 2.2
    PCS Tutorial - Part 2
Includes review of The Clinical Supervisor Chapters 2.3 through 3.6
    PCS Tutorial - Part 3
Includes review of The Clinical Supervisor Chapter 3.7 and Appendices B, C and D; review of The MAT Counselor; and tips for taking the PCS Exam

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Testing now available at all
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What to do:
Complete App.
MCA Application

Sign up for exam
On-line PCS Exam Request
Paper PCS Exam Request

$75 renewal every 2 years
(no additional renewal fee if you hold other Breining Institute certifications)


These credentials are registered service marks, and may only be used by professionals who have been awarded these credentials by Breining Institute.
"Master Counselor in Addictions" and "MCA" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 66746, Class Number 41


    FAQs (frequently asked questions)    
    Q:  Which certification agencies are acceptable for the "current addiction professional" certificate requirement?
A:  There are many acceptable agencies located throughout the United States, as long as they are accredited, State-approved or nationally recognized. The drop-down list below includes many of the agencies, but there may be others that are acceptable.

If your licensing or certification agency is not included on the above list, please contact us for a determination, by sending an e-mail to us at that includes the following: 1) full name of the agency, 2) the web site address of the agency, and 3) which license or certificate that you hold from that agency.



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