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    Forensic Counselor Education Course
 40-hour on-line course. Completion waives exam requirement for the FAC Credential.


 Easy steps to complete the Forensic Counselor Ed. Course
1  READ The Forensic Counselor Handbook
2  ANSWER the questions on-line
3  PRINT the completion certificates
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    Text Book
The Forensic Counselor
    Training Manual for Addiction Counselor Competency in a Forensic Treatment Setting
Breining Institute
Publication date: 2011
Publisher: Breining Institute
188 pages

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FC-1951P1: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 1 (10 hours)
Chapters 1 through 5
Includes the correlation between substance abuse and crime, financial cost of addictive disorders, the mental health industry's treatment of addictive disorders, introduction to the central nervous system, and research related to whether there may be genetic predisposition to addictive disorders.

FC-1951P2: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 2 (10 hours)
Chapters 6 through 7
Includes screening, assessment, determining level of care, outpatient treatment services, inpatient / residential treatment, criminal justice settings, and the therapeutic community,

FC-1951P3: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 3 (10 hours)
Chapters 8 through 10
Includes treatment issues and approaches, building a therapeutic alliance, treatment planning, elements of effective treatment, recovery maintenance / relapse prevention, and discharge planning.

FC-1951P4: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 4 (10 hours)
Chapters 11 through 16, Appendices A and B
Includes trauma and domestic violence; anger management; parenting from a distance; methamphetamine, porn and parole; formatting assessment reports for the legal system; and ethics, laws and boundaries.


Exam Questions and Answer Sheets
The full 40-hour Forensic Counselor Education Course is divided into four parts. You do not need to complete the parts in order, although it is recommended that you do so. Select the link below that corresponds to the exam questions that you wish to answer after reviewing the related material in the Forensic Counselor text book.
Exam Questions - Part 1     Exam Questions - Part 2     Exam Questions - Part 3     Exam Questions - Part 4
Answer Sheet Part 1     Answer Sheet Part 2     Answer Sheet Part 3     Answer Sheet Part 4


To receive credit for the Course
  • Read and study the Chapters identified in the Exam Questions Packet for each Part.
  • Answer the Exam Questions using the On-line Answer Sheet.
  • You will not be prompted to pay until after you have successfully completed the exam with score of 70% or better.
  • You will automatically receive an e-mail that confirms you passed the exam, as well as a Certificate of Completion attached to the e-mail.
  • On-line prices, after you have passed the exam, for each Part:
    - FC-1951P1: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 1: $39
    - FC-1951P2: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 2: $39
    - FC-1951P3: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 3: $39
    - FC-1951P4: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 4: $39


Continuing Education (CE) credit also available
In addition to satisfying the FAC 40-hour education course requirement, any or all parts of this course may be completed for continuing education (CE) credit.
  • FC-1951P1: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 1 (10 hours CE credit)
  • FC-1951P2: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 2 (10 hours CE credit)
  • FC-1951P3: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 3 (10 hours CE credit)
  • FC-1951P4: Forensic Counselor Education Course, Part 4 (10 hours CE credit)



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