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  California law prohibits employers from asking about convictions that have been judicially dismissed.

Students and counselors

For improved opportunities in employment,
the program can help you
expunge your California criminal record.


It can help you by:

  • Obtaining a copy of your California criminal record.

  • Determining if you are eligible to clear up your criminal convictions.

  • Preparing all documents to be filed with the Court so that the Court can order the expungement of your record.

3   steps to cleaning up your criminal record

Start by taking the free short online questionnaire to see if you may be eligible for your criminal convictions to be expunged.
Cost = FREE   Online Questionnaire


If it appears you may be eligible, or if you are not sure and would like to have an attorney review your record, complete and submit the Request for Criminal Record Check form to the law offices of Breining Kistner LLP to find out what is on your criminal record in California. Breining Kistner will conduct a criminal record search, will review the results of the search, and will provide you with a written report describing which records may be eligible for expungement.
Cost = $49   Request for Record Check


If you decide you want your criminal record expunged, call Breining Kistner at 916-235-8604 to set up an intake interview (which may be completed by phone), and Breining Kistner will gather the information and prepare the necessary documents to be filed with the appropriate Courts, requesting expungement of your criminal records. There is no charge for the intake interview, and a fee will not be due until Breining Kistner has completed its preparation of the documents to be filed with the Court.
Cost = $199 for each County where misdemeanor records exist that may be expunged, plus the County filing fee (which can be from $0 to $150, depending upon the County).


NOTE: If you have eligible felony records you want expunged, they may need to first be reduced to a misdemeanor, or there may be need to be court appearances by the Breining Kistner attorneys, which will affect the fee. If such additional steps are necessary, Breining Kistner attorneys will advise you of the costs for these additional services after they have reviewed the criminal record background check results.


Developed for the addiction professional community

The Clean Slate California / criminal record expungement service was developed and is provided by the Law Offices of Breining Kistner LLP, a general practice law firm whose partners have each been California-licensed attorneys for over 30 years.

Breining Kistner LLP, focused on assisting health care professionals and treatment programs with licensing and certification matters, with attorneys in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas, may be contacted by selecting the link to the right:



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